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3 Reasons Your Manager Should Support Pre-Conference DevOps Training and Certification


August 24, 2017

By Taylor Puleri, Community Manager at DevOps Institute

“Killing two birds with one stone,” one of the English-speaking world’s most timeless adages, has endured quite nicely from the old days all the way to the age of DevOps. Why? Because we as a tech-centric society, we are obsessed with multitasking and productivity.

So why not multitask and increase your productivity while attending a DevOps conference? Not only will you gain knowledge, you will be able to collaborate with others and apply your holistic knowledge to the various topic areas in conference presentations. That is one of the reasons that conference organizers offer pre-conference training.

So how can you get approval to attend both the conference and the course? Here are 3 business cases that will have your boss excited to send you to certification training while at a DevOps conference:

Interact with people like you, who are also not exactly like you
Sharing is a core DevOps principles. Where better to share your challenges and successes than in a course with classmates from other organizations? Some may be at the same place in the DevOps journey as you – others may be at other stops along the path. Often times we are too close to our work or our projects. Training with learners from other organizations gives us the chance to hear what other organizations are doing and (maybe) even solve some mutual problems together.

Master the latest and most cutting-edge DevOps practices
DevOps has an ever-evolving collective body of knowledge where new practices are emerging regularly. But how do you sift through the massive amount of (sometimes conflicting) online content about terminology, tools, practices, integrations, and automation? The DevOps Institute works with thought leaders from the DevOps, Agile, Lean and ITSM space to capture, curate and codify the practices and principles that are delivering the most value to real organizations into competency based courses. Whether it’s a fresh approach to DevOps leadership, testing, security or automation, DevOps Institute ensures that the latest, most proven practices are built into their certification courses.

Increase your organization’s ROI
To put it quite simply: get more bang for your buck. Your organization has already committed the time and expense of sending you to the conference. Why not increase the return on that investment by optimizing the opportunity to take a training course while you are there. Conference pricing on certification courses is often the same or better than the general training market. You not only can bring back focused knowledge and a certification, you could also scout the course to see if it makes sense to bring it in-house. The competitive advantage for your organization and the personal pride for you are bonuses.

There is little doubt that training and updated competencies are necessary for digital transformations. At some point, most IT professionals will need to increase or evolve their skills to meet modern business demand. Assuming that’s so, why not leverage the opportunity while attending a conference? It’s almost a two-for-one type of deal.

Learn more about these two DevOps certification courses at Jenkins World 2017 (use code JWDOICUST and get 20% off):

DevOps Test Engineering (DTE) certification course
DevOps Leader (DOL) certification course

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